The True Version Of Self


There It Is …

Hiding in plain sight where its always been.

Peel away Ego’s mask and all Good is exposed.

Ready to be unlocked.


If I Had To Place A Time Line On My Metamorphosis …

Awakening is what I’m calling it …

It was 42 Days.  A six-week revelation about Self, Purpose, Life.

It wasn’t rehab of any type.

My Eureka moment began with Awareness:

“I Am The Problem.  I Was Always The Problem.  I Will Not Be The Problem.”

I Am The Solution (*).


Acceptance Slapped Me Just Enough To Realize

I was the lone Architect in my demise.

And, the only one truly able to pull me out and up.

“Spiritual Elevation Is Fermented Through Forgiveness.”

A most Merciful Miracle.


A Culture of Toxicity Infused By Negative Influencers …

And, pointing fingers wasn’t helping.

The Decisions were all mine.

The Actions … mine, mine.

The Consequences … mine, mine, mine.

Affected nearly everyone.

Unfair, but real.


A Perspective I Hadn’t Queried.

Interrogated, really.

Time for some difficult answers to Hard Truths.

What the hell I was doing being the way that I am?

“Self Doesn’t Deserve This Un-Love You’ve Been Feeding it.”

It ain’t right, Mick.

So, make it right … whatever it is.


A Moment … Hot Flash … Pulse of Energy …

That’s Him.

“The Come-To-Jesus-Right-Now Moment I’d Been Dodging …”

Spiritual Accountability knocking on my front door.

Actually, there wasn’t a knock.

He was already there.

Decided to stay for a bit.

And, hasn’t left.


Photo by Life Of Pix 



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