Is The One …

We should give to our self – Square-on-the-Keister … or the other side – anywhere will do.

Whatever you can hit, make it your best shot.

… Don’t Worry, You Can Take It.


It Ain’t Easy Being A Contortionist … 

So, you’ll need to practice to be pliable in Mind, Body and Spirit to make it work.

Just don’t get too hung up on self-flagellation and make a mess of things.

… A little of your own Butt-Whipping Goodness is all it takes to get things done around the fleshy Temple you’re Leasing.


If Kicking Butt’s Not Your Thing … Heel’s Up, Buttercup!

Pump a Fist The Air as high as you can.

And, how about a Daily Deuce of Self Love with a Hug & Smile to Self?

… To Let You Know You’re All The Way In This.


Is Not An Option … Or Loittering Around For Someone Else To Do it … 

Standing on the Shoulders of Those Brave Hearts Who Did The Heavy Lifting, Toiling For Your Benefit?

Hasn’t worked out quite so well.  Who needs that calamity of guilt hanging over them?

Wishing Thinking does nothing but employ futile fantasy and negate focus on what matters.


You Can Be God’s Happy Little Helper … 

“Oh, Yeah, He’s Watching … Waiting …”

By enabling Fate (Ask Him for details on the Get-Back-To-Living-Life Program that works best for you).

… You May Have To Derail Your Actions – Get The Heck Out Of Your Own Way – To Give It A Fighting Chance.


It’s A Neo-Kuchism I Think (I Made It Up) … Or, Maybe Not … 

Giving Apathy A Smackdown so hard it can’t remember its dumb name.

What needs to be done, must be done by You.

… If You Want To Get Someplace Worth Going.


How Ever You Roll … Get Rolling … 

Uphill, Downhill, Over Easy … its All The Same.

Whatever the Good Cause

… Make It Your Cause.


The It … All Of It.

The Conduit To Miracles Everyday.

Soul Architect To Your True Purpose.

… Life Justified.


Photo by Zain Ali from Pexels




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