La De Da Da De


My Muscles Ache – All Of Them – Especially, The One’s I’d Conveniently Forgotten About And Only Bring Out For Sunny Occasions …  

Like a Happy Dwarf Piglet, singing:

“Hi Ho, Hi Ho … Its Off To The Gym I Go.”

Resplendent with Joy.  Glowing.  I am.



My Idea: Getting Back To Being Fit … Umpteenth-ish Time … This Particular Millenia …  

Because The Dad-So-Sad Bod wasn’t Rocking The Universe anymore.

Mine or anyone else’s.

… Plus, just Eww.



Of The Many Lies My Mirror Has Almost Convinced Me Is True … 

Sporting a sculpted Hard-As-Cubic-Zirconia 6-Pack is perhaps the cruelest of cruel Delusions of Fabulous I’ve entertained in It’s All About Me.

It isn’t easy breaking up with Delusion as someone always gets hurt.

Then, again – Eww Alert #2 – The Inevitable “Make-Up Sexy Time” Is Almost Worth It.  



On Beach Season 2020 …  

Theme courtesy of “Rock’n Me, Baby”

From Phoenix, Arizona … All The Way To Tacoma … Philadelphia, Atlanta, LA.

… No Speedo, Por Favor, Amigo.



‘Member Mitch Buchanon …  Sucking ‘Das Gut’ All The Way In …  Slo-Mo Galloping Across A So-Cal Beach? …  Baywatch, All Y’all … 

Hey, No Hating, Here … It takes a lot more than intention and squinting to look Good in Red.  Any shade.

Just ask … Santa Claus.  Ruby Woo by MAC.  Fire Trucks.  99 Luftballons.  … And, My Crimson Flush Ears when Red, Red Wine spills in me.

The Lady In Red … to be fair, owes much to spear-heeled Stilettos and Black Fishnet Hosiery – long run on the back seam optional, but encouraged – for pulling it all together.



Works … 

It’s a real fix to curing:

Fatassery.  Buffet-addiction.  Coach Potato-ism.

Sweat Matters.  Little beads.  Dripping.  Drenched in Body Dew.



Why Do Drugs?

When these handy dandy, Made-In-Your-Body Endogenous Opioid Neuropeptides and Peptide Hormones … 

Get us Elevated In Euphoria unlike the nasty synthetic opioids pushed by Big Pharma and their licensed medical practitioners clinical dealers – Dr. Narcos Can You Scribble Me A Prescription To Addiction? – peddling Smack in white lab coats.

… When You Can Get Hooked On The Right Stuff … 



Morph.  My Body Type.  Mesomorph.

It’s a Cursed Genetic Blessing:  As Easy Gainer of Lean Muscle.  

If not disciplined, rather easily layered by Subcutaneous Fat.  

No Skinny Ectomorph‘s.



My Darling Maternal Tribe – The Bodacious Boyko and Gmarvelous Gmiterek Clans – evolved little …

Think Neanderthal Lite.  Baby Pachyderms.  Bovine-at-the-least.

We’re noted in many Scientific Journals as Prime Suspects In The Missing Human Link Evolutionary Theory.

… So, We’ve Got That Going For Our Indelible Legacy.



Extended Interruption Isn’t A Cure …  It’s Deflection With An Option To Upgrade To Procrastination … 

I was battling Narcissism.   Vanity is more than topical – or Skin Deep – when Ego’s writing the cheques.  Check that.

Didn’t Like What I Saw … Inside & Out.  Spiritual Evolution > Superficial Essence.

… Invested too much All About Me Time on the Exoskeleton.



Have Got To Love It …

Gone deeper than Fleshy Tissue this time.

And, If I Can’t Love It The Right Way, I’ll Find A Way.

… Body Shaming Self Shouldn’t Ever Be … 



For The ‘Before’ Photoshoots …  Prepping for The ‘Afters’ … 

“… And The Goes Beat On, The Beat Goes On …”

La de da de de,

La de da de da.


“The Beat Goes On” Lyrics by Sonny Bono
“Rock’n Me” Lyrics by Steve Miller
Photo by from Pexels



12 thoughts on “La De Da Da De

  1. 𝕬𝖓𝖌𝖊𝖑𝖎𝖈𝖆 𝕽𝖔𝖘𝖊

    This is the one that I like the most from your writings. It aligns with were my mind at these days. Therefore, I couldn’t agree more, you said it all “self-love & no body-shaming). 😉

    “It isn’t easy breaking up with Delusion as someone always gets hurt.”
    For The ‘Before’ Photoshoots …  Prepping for The ‘Afters’ …”
    These two sections caught my eye the most. The First is deep & the second is promising. Nothing has left unsaid except I wish you will achieve your goal for summer 2020 & thank you for sharing your amazing written art ☺️🌸

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Janet

    Love this! I am still paying for, and procrastinating about my gym membership. The good news is I’ve started reading up on food. Good, real food. It’s no wonder my body has changed so much based upon what goes into it. Yuk. Gearing up for summer 2020 myself!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Michael A. Kuch

      Thank you … My week begins with such good intention and all goes well until Friday. Find it impossible to stay disciplined during the weekend. You’ll find balance and make sensible choices. Food is one of the few things we have virtually full control over.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Erica/Erika

    Hi Michael, Interesting on how we attempt to morph our bodies throughout our life, yet deal with our genetics. Flashback, I saw Sonny Bono with Cher many years ago in Vancouver. A memorable concert with Chastity/Chaz coming on stage. Yes, “and the beat goes on…”

    Liked by 2 people

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