Why This Post Has 49 Words


Like An Asshole: Going Through Its Terrible Two’s …  Nice One, HP!

There I Said It.  I Don’t Care If The Little Sh!t Is Listening.  Think I’ll Give It A Bath Later.

“And, Throw In The Toaster … Just For Fun.” 

… Forty-Nine.


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16 thoughts on “Why This Post Has 49 Words

  1. Writer of words


    Do you post live or schedule them?

    Do you post before you get yourself ready for work or just before you leave?

    Do you ever post from mobile?

    Just wondering how other people do this WP thing.

    For instance, I’m having coffee now, first one before I make breakfast and lunches for everyone. I read and comment usually, but don’t type posts. If I have an idea though for a post I might jot it into WP via the mobile app and then type it out later.

    Or I preschedule if I have material ready and know I won’t have time. That’s how some of the magic happens…😂

    But now I’m late…I know this because they should have been up 10 minutes ago. 😵😃

    Later. And good luck with your device.

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    • Michael A. Kuch


      I schedule every post, which is a curse and blessing. Never post live. The last 3 weeks I’ve posted nearly every day to see what the demands of time and energy would do. I’m over-writing now.

      Also, I tend to stockpile rough drafts, thoughts, etc. on my iPhone then flesh out into posts later.

      I write almost exclusively in the morning – I’m mentally wiped after a work day – so timing can be an issue most weekdays.

      I never post from my mobile as my articles, format, graphics, photos, etc., typically require editing best done on a PC or laptop.

      Basically, I work from a combination of preconceived ideas or as random thoughts occur. More of the later lately.

      Espresso is my Bestie companion throughout.

      Most comments I’ll do from my phone. Like this one 🙂

      WP can test my patience, but pleased overall after a year.

      Great query. Thanks.

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