Skinny Kid


Frightened By The Dark … 

Where Is His Home?

Curious Mind He Lives Alone

… Little Boy’s Heart Does Roam.



For Dreams … 

A Little More Food

To Nourish His Spirit Usurped By Lies And Neglect.

… In Nocturnal Hope, Comforts Solace And Peace.



A Life In Vain … 

Lost Years Never Forgotten.

No Sanctuary From Pain

… Torment Pearced A Broken Soul Impure.



Father Forgave … 

When You Coming Home, My Son?

Time’s Not Yet, Another Day, My Lord?

… Penance Be In Your Grace Forever.



Of Long Ago … 

Came A Wicked Man To Prey 

Innocence Shattered, Defiled In Shame.

… Fifty Years Is Enough, Too Much, No More.



Cry, Cry, Cry …

My Dear Child Self.

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy Be

… It Is Done.



In His Blessed Heart, Love … 

Poor Bastard Son Forsaken By One, Eaten By Another.

A Good Man Is He Now Come To The Light Of Faith?

… The Monsters Lay Dead In The Dark.


Photo by Rahul from Pexels

36 thoughts on “Skinny Kid

    • ❦Kara❦

      I did this kind of raw, open sharing all on my previous blog, “Here in the Silence.” It was one of the most sublime experiences of my life, opening up, sharing my wretched truth with my readers who cried with me, supported me, gave mutual friendship and caring. Sometimes our real lives aren’t designed for this kind of beautiful vulnerability, so that’s why it’s such a gift to be here. How long have you been blogging? Did I see something about 2009 in your page somewhere?

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    • Michael A. Kuch

      I absolute love when people share openly. I believe there’s the highest strength, courage and resolution in being vulnerable. Good on you. What revelation in sharing truth. What else is there is life?

      Kuched is one year on November 23. I dabbled way back around 2009, but it was specific to a Fraternal Brotherhood, so not really of interest to the public. Been writing since Crayola days.

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