Bucket Lust


Would You Believe … 

This Nitty Gritty Witty Ditty – In Theory – Started With Pure Intentions Of Scribbling A Goofy Bucket List?

8 Letters In.  Dropped a “U” Not an “I” – Vowel Trouble (Stay With Me) – Voilà De Freakin’ Dà Dà Dà …  

A Lame Typo (Safe Excuse) – or – Classic Freudian Slippage (Pretty Sure) In The Title.



Let’s Go With This:

“If I Never Spend Another Intimate Moment With A Woman …”

That’d Be Sad, Right?  Shame.  On Me, For Me, Being Me.

Also, Shoot Me.  Then, Find A Bus.  Back It Up, Repeat Mercy.



I’ve Got Nothing … But, Oops.

Just Thought The Internet Should Know.

Please Share.  Repost.  Go-Go, Get Your Thursday On.

… I’ll Be Fine, Really.


Image by Bruno Glätsch from Pixabay

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