When Its Not Good …


I’m About Done With Satirical, Myopic Ranting.  Stop Me Now, If You’ve Heard Me Herd In This Sweet Nothing Before.  Oh, Insipid, Mindless Cretin, Am I?

Pontificating Nonsense.  Courting Discontent.  Beguiling Blowhard.

“The Negative, Cynical Yapping Is The Shallow Side Of My Ugly Ass Airing Out.”

… Silence Be My Naked Truth Revealed.



Whenever I Let Goodwill Go And Lose Self Control To My Wicked Temptations To Spew Profanity And Ill Upon The Undeserving … 

My Sharp Tongue Wigging Out To My Moralistic Waggles.  Dribbling Drivel.  Snivelling Snickers, Unleashing Its Beigest Fury And Milquetoast Scorn To Whom, For What Now And Again?

“Defiant Treeless Bark With A Bitter Over-Bite … Doesn’t Give Me The ‘Right-To-Write’ About A Silly Inconsequential Plight.”

… All Compliments Of A Salty-Assed Tail Wagging My Inner Bad Dog.  



For Giving Nothing …  

When I Ought To Be

… Forgiving Everything.

Self, I’m Looking At You, My Pretty Bastard.


Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

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