Writers Be Loving Books


I’m A Money Where My Big Mouth Is Kind Of Guy …

If I Like Something – Care A Jack About It – I Support The Nuts Out Of It.

“I Don’t Fret.  I’ll Find The Scratch To Drop Down.  Especially, When There’s Something In It For Me …”

… Like A Good Book.



I’m Not Always The Adorable Altruistic SOB I Play In My Role Here … 

Today, Yes.  I’m May Be That Guy.  Please, Join Me.

“Writers Are A Concerned Lot.  We Tend To Care More Than The Average Bear At A Summer Picnic.  A Little Nosy, But Good Folks, I’d Say.  Smarty Pants.  Conscientious.  Earthy Types.  Occasionally, Salty.  Crusty Voices, As Needed.”

We Appreciate The Fellowship Of Writers With Something To Say, And Know Bloody Well Enough How To Write It.



Have Paid Their Dues … In Full.  

Done The Gritty Work.  Grinded It Out.  Took The Long, Hard Road.  Hell, They Made Their Own Road.  Their Strength Is Passion.

“Love What They’ve Accomplished: Is There Anything More Rewarding Than Enjoying The Tangible Fruits Of One’s Labors?”

The Price:  Commitment.  Rejection.  Perseverance.  Sacrifice.  Loneliness.  Criticism.



Luck Is: Hitting The Bulls Eye – Tossing A Dart At A Cork Board With Your Off Hand – Blinded Folded.  Lit Up On Jose Cuervo Gold.

Nah.  Luck Doesn’t Exist In Writing.  Nope.

“Either Its All There, Hemingway.  The Whole Enchilada.  Or, Its Scrabble.  And, Cross Word Puzzles.”

… Whacking On A Piñata To Get Your Word Fix.



How’s This The Easy Way Into The Club?

“Betting It All On Self.  Try It.  Let Me Know How It Goes.”

Seems Like The Hardest Path.  Possibly, The Only Route.

… This Is Where We Stand.  And, We Applaud.  Both Hands Together Making Loud Noises.



Don’t Let That Tree Die In Vain …

Or, Kindle It Up.  Bundles, Baby … AmazoniansClick, Click.

“I’m Fetishy About Pulp.  Pressed Into Paper.  Pages Turning.”

How My Reads Roll … Tactile.  Touchy.  Feely.



Last Week, I Bought Three Lovely Books Online … Cured My Procrastination, Fulfilled My Curiosity.

Spread The Money Love A Couple Times On Inspirational Writings.  Not Soon Enough.

And, Another Gem – A Splendid Novel Out Of My Preferred Genres – But, The Hell With It, I’m Digging The Read.  

“So, There You Go, My Darlings.  Off To Your Favorite Book Store You Go.  Let The Author Know You Care.  How Book Buying Karma Does Its Thing.”


Image by Linus Schütz from Pixabay

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  1. Writer of words

    If I only had two dimes to rub together I would have a huge collection of indy books. Primarily because there is no shelf space left in this house (or space for shelves)…so, library ebooks it is.

    But as long as we’re reading… 😊

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