Beets Me


More Than I Should … When I Cook? 

I Suppose Its A Culinary Law.  Cook’s Privilege.  Essential Noshing.

So Is Losing My Appetite.  It Happened This Morning.  Minutes Before Schlepping Down To Write And Post Something Else – Guru Side Hustle – Coming Soon Enough.

Prepping My Lunch: A Kuched-Up Version Of Salade Beta Vulgaris.



Yep, Its What The Smarty Pants Botanista’s Call Beets (Beetroot) …

“Whenever They Need To Get All Scientifickity About It.”

I Just Like The Pretty Color.  How They Stain My Fingers.  Like Dying Eggs At Easter.

… And, Pickled In Apple Cider Vinegar.  



Let’s See … Oh, Nothing But Rainbowy Chunks Of Fabulous …

Green.  Orange.  Purple.  Red.  White.

Kale.  Peppers.  Radicchio.  Beets.  Pepitas.  Fennel.

“Needs A Punch of Yellow: A Dollop Of  Ochre … Grainy French Moutarde … In The Tangy Vinaigrette, Babette?”


Image by Pixabay

19 thoughts on “Beets Me

  1. glitzyritzymommy

    Made me want a salad after reading this! I did not have the same ingredients so did my usual …the italian way…olives artichoke tons of veggies and zesty peppercorn…never tried beets.. they taste earthy? i heard! Maybe i should try your way sounds delish 😉

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