Bleu. Blu. Blue.


I Wouldn’t Miss If They Left The Planet …

Those Darlings Responsible For Creating Color Trends – Marketing, Merchandising, Yadacetera? – Would Be My Choice To Board The Intergalactic Flight To Planet Ecru.

Before Politicians.  Lawyers.  And, My Dickhead Neighbor Sal.

… Yeah, I’ve Watched The Devil Wears Prada.  



Was The Last Time I Cared What Color Was In … Or, Wasn’t In … 

“If I Need Color Inspiration, I’ll Get Out My Garden Hose On A Sunny Day … Spray A Mist Into The Sky … And Create My Own Pretty Rainbow … Then I’ll Blow Bubbles With Liquid Dish Soap In Case I Missed Lavender Or Pink.”

Or, I’ll Roll Skittles With Buffy.  Consult With My Giant 64-Pack Of Crayons.  Play Pick-Up Sticks With Colored Pencils. 

But, My-Go-To Consigliere Of Color?  I’ll Ask A Kindergarten Kid Making A Mess Of Hand-Painting.  Little Marshall Knows Color.



Praise Be To The Collective Of Color Arbiters – Rainbow Fascism? – Back Again, Decreeing Nonsense Of What Color Matters.

As If The Globe Could Care A Heaping Dump What The It Color Is For 2020.

Because Of The Economic Impact?  Any Color Will Have The Same Influence.  Was Merlot (The Color) Any More Important Than Canary Or Aubergine?

Are Colors Saving The Rain Forest?  Curing Cancer?  Developing A Vaccine For Coronavirus?



The Good Folks At Pantone Have Presented Classic Blue To Be Their Color-Of-The Year For 2020.

That’s Color #19-4052.

And, Damn It’s A Beautiful Blue.

Really, Is There A Blue That Isn’t?



We’d Have To Ask The Universe And Its Architect … Him … 

In The Interim, I’d Suggest Getting Over The FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out – If The Latest It Color Has You Down (Um, Feeling Blue) … Get Ready To Get Blue All Year. 

“Color Guru’s … Must’ve Crammed All Night Over Chai Latte And Vegan Wagyu Nuggets Coming Up With Blue.  Blue Isn’t New.  Blu.  Bleu.  Boo-Boo.”

If You Wear Denim Jeans …  You’re Wearing Classic Blue.  Dungarees, Folks.



Think French Blue Getting A Bit Randy On The Mediterranean … Stirring About In The Under Carriage.  Cajoling A 3-Way Tryst With Carolina Blue And The Azzuri.

Like This: So, A Non-Binary Personne Française, An American And An Italian Walk Into A Bar … One Orders Absinthe.  Another, A Shot Of Bourbon.  And, The Last, Prosecco.  They Mingle, They Mwah, They Tingle.

“… All Leave Together Cast Under The Promise Of An Ink Covered Night, Gazing Knowingly At The Stars Dotting An Indigo Blanket Draping The Horizon.  They Hold Hands And Make A Wish … The Next Morning Strewn In The Entangled Linens Of Warm Sweat And Deferred Regret … A Brilliant Azul Sky Shines Over The Murky Blue Of The Bay … Comes An Idea For A Color …”

… On How Classic Blue Was Born …


Photo by Lucas Craig from Pexels

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