Two-Fiddy, Huh?


Would You Mind If I Said,

“Grazie, Darlings.”

For Hanging Out. Connecting. Being Here (Even When I Wasn’t).… Making It To Two-Hundred And Fifty Posts Together.


Yeah, I Know I Scribble Drivel … Babble On … Babylon …

Rant My Self Love. Spew Cryptic Crow(e) About Sheryl, Russell And Black Ones, Too. The Very Whatnot’s, Hey Now’s And Don’t Cha Know’s?

“It’s Been Kinda Fun, Right? C’mon Now, Little Bit?”

… Maybe You’ve Read. Wondered Why? What The Frangipane! Come Back, Again. Mostly. We Get Each Other.


Kuched Will Claim Its 7,500th Visitor … Drop Its 122,000th Word … Tap Its 25,000th View.Looky Looky. Let’s Not Make A Big Sitch. Out Of This Little Mess I’ve Made.

“Something More Than Words … I’m Not So Sure, But Whatever And Whenever … Most Of The Guff And Irrelevant Stuff Is Off My Chest And Out-Of-Mouth Before I’ve Had A Chance To Reason Myself Back To Sense.”

Just Happy To Be … A Small Deal … Of An Unnecessary Blog. Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels

20 thoughts on “Two-Fiddy, Huh?

  1. glitzyritzymommy

    S..😊 your blog posts are incredibly unique..I read them, then re read oh and wait I read again..until I finally get it 😂🤣..never want to miss any hidden treasure ..sometimes I think I need a magnifying glass! As always a very talented incredible writer with a unique touch of excitement..just saying 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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