Sunday Reveal

6:22 AM

I Can Do Fine Without Daylight Savings Time …  

“Why Are We Bamboozled Into Believing We’ve Saved Daylight Twice A Year?”

It’s Not Like We’re Making A Deposit In A Daylight Bank.  I’m Getting 11 Hours And 35 Minutes Of Daylight Today.  About The Same As Yesterday.

A Couple More Minutes Of Sun Tomorrow.  Fine, The Days – Daylight – Are Getting Longer.  We’ve Earned It.  The Sun Kind Of Owes Us, Right?  What I’m Thinking After This Crapola Winter In My Scratch Of The Western Hemisphere.



I’m Not … Doing Anything Different.

It’s Morning.  Dark As Night Outside.  The Sun’s Down.  Sleeping.  

I’m Up.  Partially Awake While I Write This.  About That.

So, Yeah, I’m Doing My Part Scribbling By Candlelight …



Whoop-De-Freakin’-Do.  La-Di-Freakin-Da.

“Forty-One Minutes Later … I’m Enjoying A Second Doppio Espresso.  In A Pretty Yellow Cup.  Some Of It Spilled On My Leg And The Floor As I Sashayed To My Desk Through The Kitchen.” 

I’m Feeling Damn Good.  Just Listened To Juanes Singing La Camisa Negra.  The Black Shirt.  That Got Me Shuffling … And Spilling … 

And, Thinking (Unrelated) About … An Old Beater Pick-Up Truck.  My Dog.  A Plot Of Scrub To Grow Veggies Next To A Shitty, Worn Down Trailer With A Leaky Roof I Don’t Own And Probably Never Will.



To Procrastinate On Making Kuched-Up Chilli … A Hellacious 10-Quart Pot For The Ragazzi.  An Almost Monthly Tradition For When The Boys Come Over Later.

“Which Is What I’m Doing Because The Unnecessary Changing Of The Clocks – Bumping Up The Time By An Hour – Has Me Slightly More Messed Up And Way Off Schedule Than I Am Normally.”

But, There You Go.  My Sunday Reveal.  Cool Is Right.

I May Write Something Later.  Check In.  If Not, Read Some Of My Old Stuff Back In Late 2018, Early 2019.  Perhaps, You’ll Laugh.  Smile, At Least.   Thanks, Amici.


Photo by Renato Abati from Pexels

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