So, You Wanna Help?


Here’s A Quick & Easy Hack To Climbing Your Way Back Up The Pole Of Humanity …

Achtung: Hoarders Of The Pandemic

“First, I’m Sorry I Referred To All Y’all As ‘Whores’.  I Had Something Far Worse In Mind.  But, I Was Feeling Charitable, And Damn, I’ve Misplaced My Thesaurus And Book Of Derogatory Names.”

… Pinch Me If You’ve Heard Me Chirp About This Little Nugget One Too Many Times Before.



It What’s Good Folks Do …

Without Being Asked.

But, I’m Asking.

… Again.



Membership Is Free … 

Don’t Cha Know, I’ve Got Some Pull With The Do-Gooder’s.  They’re A Lovely Bunch.  So, I’m Pushing – Nudging – Your Beautiful Self To The Front Of The World’s Shortest Line.

“The Slight Indentation On Your Buttocks Are Compliments Of My Doc Marten’s – Love Bump – Connecting To The Fleshy Part On Either Side Of The Great Divide.  If My Toe Serendipitously Taps Your Head Or Your Heart … Then Please Be Aware The Dynamic Dual Of Discontent Have Both Been Hibernating Up Your Ass.  This Is Not A Good Thing.”

To All Those Darlings That Accidently Over-Stocked Food And Essential Supplies In The Mayhem And Pandemonium Of The Pandemic Last Week …



Donate Whatever Surplus Dry Goods And Non Perishable Items …

To Your Local Food Bank.  Shelter.  Anywhere Food Is Needed Immediately.

And, If That’s Not Possible, Drop A Few Bucks Their Way.

… Starbuck’s Will Survive Just Fine … 


Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

17 thoughts on “So, You Wanna Help?

  1. theholodoc

    At least here in L.A. the biggest help that anyone can give, for now, is to STAY HOME and do so without being told. (Our government has been rather inefficient at giving advice, as is obvious to anyone who is awake and still breathing).
    Thanks Kuch, for your compelling messaging. Dr. Bob

    Liked by 1 person

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