My Heroes Wear Masks


With A Wonderful, Magical –  J’nai Sais Quoi About Them – Selfless Devotion To Care And Serve Humanity …   

Humble Worker Bees Performing Everyday Miracles.  Beyond Extraordinary Hearts Of Valor.  Beautiful Souls Of The Love Brigade.

You Won’t Find Them …

“… Fighting Crime On The Pages Of Comic Books.  Rocking The Red Carpet In Versace Or Dior At Oscar Time.  Making Acrobatic Plays In Pajamas On The Field Of Dreams.  Lip Syncing In A Trance To Canned Beats On The Stage Of Envy …”


Fighting To Save Us – Our Small Desperate Lives – While Risking Theirs …  

Imagine That: Never Asking Why?  In Ultimate Sacrifice For You And I.  When The Lord Comes To Call.

Doctors.  Nurses.  Courageous Front Liners … Heroes Everywhere We’re Not.

“Thank You, Good Samaritans, One And All.”


Image by panos13121 from Pixabay

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