Johnnie. Blue. Neat.

An excerpt from ‘Swayed’ – Copyright © 2014 by Michael A. Kuch



Phil told Ethan to have a drink while he called Leo upstairs to check if it was cool with him showing up without a meeting.  Annoying little prick.  Ethan dropping in on Leo at Sugars.  Uninvited.  Leo didn’t have friends.  Entertaining squeaky ginger’s like Ethan?

“Listen, Philthy,” said Ethan. “Tell your Uncle Leo to get off his fat ass and tuck his dick in his pants.  I’m coming up.”

“Mr. Sugarman doesn’t take in strays,” said Phil.

“Its like this, Philly Boy,” said Ethan, interrupting himself.  He put a hand up, and turned to face the bartender.  “Johnnie.  Blue.  Neat.”

“This isn’t a country club,” Phil nodded to the bartender.  “Black Label only here.”

“As I was saying.”  Ethan watched the bartender pour the scotch.  He turned back, saluted his lowball glass, “Go fuck yourself, Phil.”


Image by Annca from Pixabay

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