Surfing Faith


My Best And Worst Monologs Are Direct With God …   

“Occasionally, To The Point.  Some Days, I Feel Worthy Talking With Him.  Other Times, Like I’m Bothering Him.  Recently, It’s Been Exclusively The Latter.  It Happens.”

Forgiveness And Gratitude Are The Two Core Themes.  Depending On The Day.  Not Always In That Order.

Lately, I’ve Been Mumbling In Prayer.  Though, Early This Morning, I Was More Eloquent Than Normal.  And, I Didn’t Repeat Myself.



Spooling, Drooling Out Of Our Mouths … 

“He Doesn’t Need To Hear Us Whimper.  Whine.  Wheeze.”

He Does.

… How, I Haven’t A Clue.



Prayers Alone Don’t Always Get The Job Done …  Like Hope, Prayers Need A Helping Hand … This Is Where We Come In … 

It’s Like Setting Out To Surf.  Without Waves.  The Intention’s There, But You’re Probably Not Carving, Cutting Or Curving The Crest Of It.

“Faith Is Hungry.  It’s Got A Big Appetite.  Kind Of A Glutton, Actually.  But, In A Good Way.  Sitting Back And Watching God Do All The Heavy Lifting Isn’t A Sound Strategy.  It’s Lazy Ass Spirituality.  And, Lazy Asses Become Fat Asses.  Right Back To Diddly Squat.”

Tasking Upward – Giving God A Job To Do? – Also, Not Cool, Unless You’re Planning To Chip In.  



It’s Not A Deli Counter …

Barking Your Order Of Spicy Capicola or Smoked Tofurky … Only Gets The Dude In The White Apron’s Attention.  Doesn’t Get You Better Or Faster Service.

“If You Want To Create A Nice Spread Of Artisanal Charcuterie, You’ll Need To Do A Lot Of Slicing And Dicing Yourself.  And, You’re Going To Cut Yourself Playing With Sharp Knives.  That’s Okay.  But, Thank God For It.  He Gives Us Everything We Need – Ingredients, Recipe, Ability – To Make Smart The Right Choices In Life.  And, When We Pooch It Up, We Get A Do Over.  Where Else Can You Get A Sweet Deal Like That?”  

Faith Isn’t A Solo Endeavor.  Counting On Him To Fix Our Messes?  Nah, Don’t Think So.



When It’s A Bond – Partnership – Union With Master And Servant.

If Those Terms Offend, You’re Welcome – Keep Reading – Relax.  You Don’t Always Have To Do You.  There’s Another Way.

“Empower Yourself In God.  I’m Asking Nicely.  I Wouldn’t Mention It If I Didn’t Care.”  

He’s Worth The Time.  His Stock Value Will Never Dip Or Depreciate.  He’s A Better Investment Than Real Estate.  Apple.  Or, Disney.



Elevated, Right? 

Go Back And Try Again.  Faith Takes Time.  I Didn’t Get It At First, And I Had A Lot Of First’s.

It’s Taken Me A Few Decades Of Me-Being-Me.  Just To Get Over Myself.  You’ll Get It When You Get It.

“Also, Don’t Fear Flat Water.  You Don’t Need A Wave To Surf.  Only Faith, Kahuna.”


Photo by Cassiano Psomas from Pexels

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  1. Janet

    “His Stock Value Will Never Dip Or Depreciate.  He’s A Better Investment Than Real Estate.  Apple.  Or, Disney.” Truth right there! Great post and Perfect timing as well. Happy Easter!

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