Woo-Woo Sequel


I’ve Got The Time This Wednesday Morning … 

Between Fussing With Rinsing A Cup-And-A-Quarter Of Organic Quinoa

“And, Contemplating A Bowl Of Oatmeal And A Bah-Nah-Ner That’s Peaked In Ripeness.”

… This Is What You Get.



Is What God Got From Me For About 20 Seconds … About Minute After Opening My Eyes In Bed An Hour Ago.

I Realize That’s A Lot Of Math – Measuring Precise Quantities, Counting Miniscule Grains One-At-A-Time – And, Figuring Out Exactly What Time It Was …

“So, What’d He Say?”

Not Much … Didn’t Have To.  You’re Welcome (I’m Paraphrasing).  After I Thanked Him.


Image by Bubi The Bear from Pixabay

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