How Wonderful


Well, For Starters, I’ve Made It To The Most Magnificent Day-Of-The-Week – Monday, Monday – Alive, Kicking … Loving Life 24 Hours-At-A-Time.

And, If All Y’alleses Think I’m Warmly Pissed Off By The Fact That Mother Nature Dumped A Thick Blanket Of Fluffy White Snow On My Blue This Morning …

“I’m Not – Nope, Uh-Uh – Because Nothing Is Cooler Than Rain In Spain Than Snow In Ma-dee-sh May …”

Except – Spoiler Alert – Skip To The Loo To The Last Stanza Quad Below, If You’re Bored With My Local Weather Tales.



Saturday, As You Know From Yesterday’s Bit – Grateful, Great Fool? – And The Previous Day’s Offering – The Puppy & Kitten Show – On Kuched, Was All Peaches & Cream.

My Awesome Sauce Accountant Delivered Some Fabulous Fiduciary News That Rhymes With Cha-Ching.  

“And, On Sunday, I Brunched Up With The Ragazzi ‘Uno e Dewey’ @ Café Grotto.”  

Also, I’m Highly Delusional Mildly Convinced … I’m The Last Surviving Male Heir Of The Medici Banking Dynasty Of The Italian Renaissance.   Ease Up On Binge Watching Netflix, Mick.



This Is Where You’re Gonna Find It …

“A Note Of Sweet Buttercuppery Goodness Landed In My Inbox This Morning.”

Courtesy Of Sovely Matters (MurmelMeister), Announcing My Nomination For The “Awesome Blogger Award”, Which I’ve Accepted.

Thank You, Dear Ess Emm.


Image by Quentin Jouvray from Pixabay

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