Was Your Smile Worth My Effort?


That’s Me – Opening My Fat Pie Hole Of A Mouth, Torso Harpooned To My Comfy, Memory Foam Mattress, Smart-Sized Melon Floating On The Gentle Undulations Of Klubbspore – In Silent Prayer Of All Things …

“Early This Very Ante Meridiem.  Before My First Doppio Espresso Percolated Its Hissy, Frothy Crema Dance On My Stovetop …”

And, My Habitual Butt-Flattening Session Planted On A Swivel-ly Home Office Chair – An Ergonomically-Irresponsible Contraption First Sketched On The Silken Banks Of The River Helge In Sweden – Named After The Ubiquitous Viking Ruler Jules Commercially Immortalized By Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd.

Please, Don’t Make Me Spell It Out Again.  Blå + Gul … Ja?



Though They Both Figure In My Day At Least Twice …   

… Just Like That Other Dynamic Duo Of Bliss – Love & Kindness – This Is Where You Come In.  I Can’t Do This Fun Stuff Alone … So, I’m Asking:

“Here & Now Is Where It Starts.  How It’ll End.  In Or Out?”

An Invitation To Open Your Heart And Lay Love In The Crevice Abandoned In The Abyss Of Humanity … Oops, There It Is … No Need To Pick A Favorite Color … Every Soul Will Do … Lemme Me Know If The Smile Was Worth The Effort?


Image by Paolo Ghedini from Pixabay

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