So, You’re A Writer, Huh?


Ever Get So Slammed With Self-Interest Writing Projects … 

You Start Swearing At The Alphabet?  Can’t Stand The Sight Of A Serif, Let Alone A Font Claiming To Be A Sans Serif?

“Cursing Words Over Two Syllables?”

… Mock Grammar Until It Dangles Like An Infinitive Or Interrupts Like A Twitchy Semi-Colon When A Damn Period Would Do The Trick?



And, Under Expressed … Is That A Thing … Unlike Dubya Blocked?

I’ve Got More Messed Up Words-In-The-Flow … 

“… On A Pile Of Pages That Don’t Know Where The Hell-To-Go.”

And, Please Don’t Get Me Started On Dotting My “i’s” – Or – Crossing My “t’s”



What I’m Taking …  

I’m Lousy At Time-Outs.  Giving or Taking.

“Also, My Important Work Load At The ‘Diva Day Care / Adult Diaper Changing Kiosk’ Is A Full-Time Occupation With No Signs Of Slowing In This Bullish Market Of Entitled Discontent.”

… I’m Up To My Chin In Polishing Tiaras – End – Rough Draft Of My Valentine To Co-Workers.



And, Finally, I’m Giving Myself A Well Deserved Pay Raise … You Heard It Right The First Time … A Paid Assignment Starting Now:

“I’m Paying Myself A Small Stipend – $3 A Day – To Write … Here It Comes … Just So I Can Call Myself A Professional Writer?”

Wow, The Righteous, Smug Cojone’s On The Talent-Deflective Hack!

… It’s Not Cheating.  It’s Resourceful.  It’s How They Do It In Luxembourg. 



I’m Pretty Sure Self Love Qualifies As Smarty-Pants Tax Write-Off …  

To Help Subsidize My Dependency On A Daily Doppio Scoop Of Heavenly Hash. 

Ice Cream, Darlings.



Image by Angela Yuriko Smith from Pixabay

14 thoughts on “So, You’re A Writer, Huh?

    • Michael A. Kuch

      Erica/Erika, I believe, one must call themselves a Writer to be a Writer. Not a moment before. The old adage is true: a writer writes, a dancer dances, a singer sings … We’re all writers as long as we writer. The only problem with giving myself a raise is I know its coming out of my pocket. Thank you. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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