Shitstorm vs. Clusterfuck vs. FFS


Given The Trifecta Of Slim Pickings In The Titular Comparative Challenge Above … 

I’d Rather Look Like The Spitting Image – Doppelgänger – Of A Pretty Dumb Ass Than Actually Be A Certifiable Pretty Dumb Ass.

“Regrettably, Such A Privileged Choice Has Been Reneged From Me By The Generous Giver/Taker Of Pretty Dumb Asseryness Accreditations.”

… I’m Coping Well Enough.  Thanks.



Why Was I Last Quasi Intelligent Biped On This Planet To Learn …

Dubya Pea Has A SPAM Section For Comments?

Inconveniently Located Just Below A Box Marked “Morons Named Mick Click Here” And Right Above:

“This Is What You Get For Your Deep Devotion To Ignorance In All Things Blogging.”



I Never Start A Post With An Apology … 

So, I’ve Left It To The 3rd And 4th Lines Of This Unnecessary Stanza Below.

I Am Sorry.

“My Apology To All Those Good Folks Who’ve Kindly Left Genuine Comments.  Unanswered By The Owner Of Kuched.  I Plan To Speak With Him This Afternoon At Our Tuesday Luncher-In-The-Park.”



Hell, Yeah, It’s A Mess To Clean Up.  I Found A Bunch Of Positive Comments And A Few Offers That I Could Resist Over The 18 Months.  And, I Wonder Why Some Bloggers Unfollow Me.

There’s A Real Neat Blogger Award Nom … That I’ve Lost To Incompetence.  Oh, And Several Delightful Marriage Proposals I’m Sorting Through Now … Exactly When Did The Offering Of A Dowry Become Passé?  Bunch Of Bullshit If You Ask Me.

Also, Some Crackpot / Dickwich Claiming To Be Michael A. Kuch Jr. – Who’s 4 Years Older Than Me – Thinks It Would Be A Good Idea To Meet On Zoom.  What Worries Me Most Is I Think The Cracker Jack Could Be One Of My Alter Egos / Goofball-On-The-Side Personalities Trying To Punk Me … Again.

“Please Know One Of Us May Be Joking …”

Image by Selling of my photos with StockAgencies is not permitted from Pixabay

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