“Writer Of Words, Etc.”



Claudette Labriola’s Blog – “Writer Of Words, Etc.” – Is The Writer’s Satirical Expose Chronicling The Tribulations Of Parenting And Domestic Life For What It Truly Is: Living Hell, Anchored By Morning Coffee Perks And Evening Wine “Calm-The-Fuck-Down” Decompression Sessions … With A Few Sweet-Ass MeanMom™ Rantrums Squeezed In.    

Journey Deeper Into Writer Of Words, Etc. And The Reader Is Treated To Claudette’s Creative Fantasy And An Imagination Uncorked In Her Flash Fiction Section.  Lyrical Dumplings That Deliver More Than A Hint Of Her Vigor And Commitment To Hone And Share Generously Of Her Impassioned Craft.

Clandestine Tales Is A Favorite.

MeanMom™ Is A Term Of Self-Endearment Claudette Has Granted Herself.



Updated 2020 (from Lock-down Pandemic Covid-19 jail – waiting for parole lifted restrictions to get life back in some form):

“I’m a GenX blogger/writer/dog walker/purger/wine drinker/midlife mom.  Started blogging when my son was an infant; he’s 15 now.  I live in a teeny bungalow in Toronto’s West End with a pilot/professor partner, tween girl and the aforementioned teen boy.  Oh and we’re getting a puppy in late summer. (Help me.)”


C. La (*) Is Fearless And Confident And Right-In-There … Despite Her Passive Introversion – Don’t Be Fooled – Be Prepared.  Her Writing Bends Hard, From Journaling Accounts Of Life In The Meh-velous Mom Lane To Ripping Rants And No Shortage Of Cutting Humor To Cause The Reader To Lean Into Their Screen A Little Closer And Then Suddenly Jump Back.

How Cool Is That?

It’s A Bit Like Train Wreck Meets Groundhog Day Meets Home Alone (Adult Version) Meets Willy Wonka Meets Chocolat Meets How Stella Got Her Groove Back Meets Mommie Dearest (Sweet Version). 🙂

Best Read Daily With A Side Bowl Of Benzylbutybarbiturates, A Chilled 2009 R. Müller Riesling And A Sleeve Of Toblerone Chocolates For The Righteous Effect.



“49 Things About Me …”  


“Elusive Chocolate And Candy Stash: Mom Vs. Teenagers Edition”

Spoiler Alert:  I Was Rooting For The Kids … Only Because I Knew There Would Be A Must-Read Sequel If They Nabbed The Chocolates.



“I remember now why I evolved into introversion over the years: I don’t want to witness, be surrounded, or entertained by idiocy.” CL




Part Of Friend’s Of Kuched Week Is The Dedication Of A Song To The Honored Blogger …

Claudette’s A Big Fan Of Bryan Adams.   So, Let’s Go With “Cuts Like A Knife”


(Regrets Again As I Was Unable To Upload The Video From YouTube.)



(*) I Didn’t Ask Claudette’s Permission To Refer To Her As “C. La”  … Because I Recently Coronated Her As “Countessa Of The Semicolon”, Which She Is Rather Fond Of, And I’m Not In The Mood To Piss Her Off About Grammar.

That’s All I’m Saying …

“And, Thanks, Countessa.”


Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

20 thoughts on ““Writer Of Words, Etc.”

  1. SnapDragon X.

    Another excellent shout-out, Michael! I am eager to jump into Claudette’s blog. And, just so you know, your descriptions of her work are absolutely scrumptious! Seriously. I found myself wanting to bite into the words. (shrugs) I know. I’m a weirdo. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Jim Borden

    I just read C.La.’s post about hiding chocolate – loved it. Looking forward to reading more of her posts!

    And as for “ It’s A Bit Like Train Wreck Meets Groundhog Day Meets Home Alone (Adult Version) Meets Willy Wonka Meets Chocolat Meets How Stella Got Her Groove Back Meets Mommie Dearest (Sweet Version).” – I know exactly what you mean… 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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