Hammock. Creamsicle. Mojito.


About A Podcast Gig — I’m Co-Hosting With A Trifecta Of Delightful Design Divas “This Very Moment” Elsewhere On The Internet — At My 45-Hour A Week Side Hustle That Stretches 3 Days Longer Than Essential To My Well-Being …

And, Yes, I Scheduled This Post To Coincide With My Time Travel Schedule This Weekend When I Plan To Go Back To August 12, 1983.

“Wasn’t That A Fun Night?”

Also, I’ve Finally Saved Up The Bail Money To Pay The Courthouse In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  I’m Pretty Sure The Statute Of Limitations On Public Intoxication And Dancing Disorderly On The Boardwalk Expired in 2008.



Meetings And Webinars Ended 9-1/2 Weeks Ago.

“Damn Straight, I Goofed Around And Giggled – Snort Laughed – At The Virtual Background Options I Tapped On.  I’m Unconvinced Anyone Believed I Was Lounging On A ‘Tropical Beach Sipping Mojitos’ While Lady Cha-Cha In A Maori Floral Sarong Was Giving Me A Perfect Pedi.  Or, Hovering High Above The Golden Gate Bridge In San Francisco.  These Were My Options.  Plus, Another With Uncut Grass, Which Made Me Sneeze.”

I’m Zoomed Out.

No Mas, Gracias.



My Über Velocity Chair Spins … Whilst Holding My iPhone Over Head? 

That Was Mature, Mick.  Especially, As Self-Induced Vertigo Proved To Be Less Fun Than I’d Anticipated.

“You Should Know, I Nearly Hurled — Vomited — The Tre-licious ‘Bean & Basmati Pilaf’ At My Computer Monitor After I’d Slammed It Down My Pie-Hole For Lunch @ 9:51 AM.”

Yeah, I’m 7 Years-Old.



I’m Wearing Today.

“Over A Vanilla White, Absolutely Necessary Stretchy, Slim Fit — Not Skinny-Ass— Jeans.” 

If Levi’s ® Made A Creamsicle ® Uniform …

Well, There’s Your Complimentary Un-See-Able Ensemble For Friday.



Why I Need To Fun-It-All-The-Way-Up And Say The Most Inappropriate Amusing Things To Remind The Work Fam — About The Silly Myth Of Human Resources And Just How Fortunate They Are That I Am Not A Prick Boss.

“I’m Here, Waiting … Crickets … HR Would’ve Called By Now, Right?”

My AdviceFind A Hammock — Love Your Cute Toes, Darlings. 

… See All Y’alleses When I Get Back From The Beach.


Beach Photo by Asad Photo Maldives from Pexels


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