Whadwasi Thinking?


I’ve Got A Few Smartypants Answers Of My Own … 

To Yesterday’s Hypnotic Post “Whaddya Thinking?”

… After Reading Remarkably Clever, Amusing And Brilliantly Resourceful Ideas

“In The Comments Section By Awesome Blogger Besties … Grazie, Darlings.”



Here’s 5 Baskets Filled With Fresh Lemons, Hammers, Responsibility, Hope And Love …  

Do Any Thing You Like

… Except Make Lemonade, Hammerade (Haterade), Mistakes, Hopeless Or Sexy-Time Love.

Whadwasi Thinking?”



In One Happy Basket … 

Gently Press The Lemons And Extract The Seeds With The Business Side Of A Pretty Hammer.

Plant The Lemon Seeds.  Nurture The Seedlings To Bear A Bounty Of Fruit On Mature Lemon Trees To Fill Acres Of Fragrant Yellow Orchards.  Grow Responsibly As A Beacon Of Hope And A Sustainable Crop Of Love To Feed The Hearts And Tummies Of Many.

Then Nosh On A Big Slice Of Homemade Lemon Meringue Pie — Washed Down With Sips Of Finely Distilled Limoncello —  And Dance The ‘Lemon Fandango’ Like It Was The Last Fandango …”


Image by Richard John from Pixabay

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