The “Almighty Now” Hack


Has Just Arrived By Prayer Yeah, Not Amazon Because God Delivers All The Good Stuff Himself … 

My Morning Prayer — Love Humanity Faith Jam (Yep) Was Answered In A Lemme-See-What-I-Can-Do-About-It-Kinda-Sorta-Way.  I’ve Been Mumbling To God With The Same Guilt Trip For A Bunch Of Weeks Now: Asking Nicely, To Make Today A Beautiful Day.

In Divinity-Speak — Answering Prayers Means Some Assembly Required.  Also, Get Off Your Ass And Do Something About It Was The Pretty Message I Was Picking Up On My Soul Frequency.  So, If You Fancy Doing Monday RightCheck Out What My Conscience Has To Say:

“Keep Today Simple And Easy For Peasy Sake..  We’re Not Built For Evil Like Hate, Racism, War, Human Atrocities … Make A Plan To Be Better Than Yesterday And Give It A Little Space To Grow For Tuesday.  It’s A Long Week … Start With Good Manners (It’ll Get You Everywhere) Like Momma Taught You.  And, If You Don’t Agree With Someone, Let Them Know — Be Nice About It — Seek A Peaceful Resolution.  Try A Different Flavor Instead Of The Same Old Vanilla Or Chocolate.  Order Whatever They’re Having — Whomever They Are Be Them For A Moment.  It’s Still ‘You … But Not All About You Sweet Deal’.  Do Something Good For Others Without Me Nagging.  I Don’t Enjoy Nagging, But I Will If I Have To …  Like Feeding The Hungry Close To Home.  Help A Stranger Not Be A Stranger?  Forgive Yourself And Another.  Exhale.  Mask Up … To Give A Hug, Get A Hug.  Also, Don’t Forget To Laugh And Cry … Tears Are Required Everyday To Live.  In Between Doesn’t Exist … Tears Are Water After All … And, Where’d We Be Without Water?”

Image by Margit Wallner from Pixabay

8 thoughts on “The “Almighty Now” Hack

  1. Brandi S.

    Haha! I love how you said “Yeah, not Amazon”. God does deliver all the good stuff! I love the message in this post, Michael, and the word empathy comes to my mind when I read it. Just a beautiful reminder to think about others and put ourselves in their shoes sometimes. Be willing to bend for a change and do something out of our comfort zones. Of course, there’s a line that had me nodding in huge agreement: “Get Off Your Ass And Do Something About It” <<< This advice will get you far!

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