Shoo-Shoo, Fly Boy!


Anthony Has Over Stayed His Welcome At The Grotto

My Humble Abode With A Lovely View Of A Nice Suburban Park Across The Street.

Perhaps, That’s The Appeal To Him – An Uninvited House Guest – A Petulant, Little Pest With No Self Control.

“… ‘T-Bone’ Is A Common House Fly – Musca Domestica – Meh, Hardly Rare, Dude. At Last Global Inventory, He Was About 1-In-17 Quadrillion … 15 Zeros To The Bean Counters.”


Of Us – Tee & Mee – Meeting?


“And Oh, So Unapologetically, Clingy – I Don’t Do Well With Clingy – Or, Clingetty-Clingsters … Any Type Of Cling/Clung/Clink/Clank/Clunk … Hey, Is ‘Clunduggery’ A Proper Word?”

I Need My Space – Fly-Free – Shoo-Shoo. Also, I’ve Never Tried Shoo Fly Pie.


Flapping His Tiny Wings And Parking His Diptera Sticky Under Carriage All Over My Joint Since Saturday Morning …

Sure, I Left The Front Door Open – It Was A Pretty Day And I Felt Like Letting Some Of My Love Out To Mingle With Nature – But, I Don’t Remember Pitching A Sign Suggesting:

“All Free-Loading Members Of The Suborder Cyclorrhapha Are Welcome.”

I’m Not Running An Airbnb For Cheap-Ass Migrant Muscoidea.


Wait While I Finish Showering? Loiter On The Counter When I Shave? Touch Everything?

Lounge On My Bluetooth Speaker? Thumb Through My Curated Spotify Spotifly Lists?

He Likes Funk-2-Funky – So, We Have That Bit Of Cool In Common – And, Tee Dances … Moves Like Jagger With Wings.

“Dancing Fool, I Miss Him Already. Please Don’t Tell Carl V.”

Photo by Yogendra Singh from Pexels

Faux Bee-Yah’s


Yep, We’ve All Got One Or Two We’re Harboring

Claustrophobia I Can Do Without: I Once Thought I Was Claustrophobic. This Silly Charade Lasted Three Or Four Decades.

It Turned Out I Didn’t Like My Own Company – Self Diagnosis Gone Way Wrong – Obviously, I Get Along Splendidly With Myself Now.

“So, Am I Really Afraid Of Enclosed Spaces?”


That I Need To Write About It – More Irksome In The Under Carriage – Than Freak-Me-Flat-Outish.

Also, It’s Not Something I’d Ever Include On My Curriculum Vitae.

Or Brag About In A Blog.

“Perhaps, A Podcast – You’ll See – Though It’s Not Going To Be All About Me.”


I Successfully Gestated In A Womb For 3 Full Seasons …

With Nothing Much To Do, But Bide My Time Suspended In Perpetual Day Dreams And A Placenta Buffet – And Didn’t That Work Out Remarkably Well? – Once I Hatched.

“Alright, I Don’t Like Dancing-At-Heights – I Prefer Loitering On Terre Firma – My Pretty Toes Planted Firmly On The Ground.”

But, Fear? C’Mon, Now.

OH, ME … OH, MY …

I’m Dreadfully Fearful Of Stupid Though …

Being Selectively Dumb Isn’t My Thing – Or, Blissfully Ignorant – Not A Wise Life Strategy.

“Why In Tarnation-To-Betsy-&-Eugene Would Any Fool Wish To Play Dumb When Being Smart Is Within Reach?”

That Doesn’t Mean I’m Not Open To Trying It Again – Just Not Today – Because Monday’s & Stupid Don’t Mix.

Photo by Everton Nobrega from Pexels

Oktoberfest: Meine Lederhose Diary


Of Missing Oktoberfest In Munich. I’m Not Happy – I’m Not Over It – I’m Not There.

This Year I Have Another Excuse For Missing My Only True Bucket List – Letzte Wunschliste – Item.

The Planet’s Largest Volksfest Is Cancelled. It Should Be As Obvious Is The Answer To Why 6 Million Celebrants Should Stay Home.

So, I Will Netflix & Chill My Way Through The Next Two Weeks. Yeppers … Bratwurst & Sauerkraut – Get My Schnitzel On – Nosh On Chewy Pretzels.


Definitely-Not-Pumpkin-Spiced – A True Beer That Rhymes With Erdinger Dunkel Weissbier – Best Illustrated By The Product Descriptions I’ve Lifted Straight From The LCBO:

“Deep black/brown color with thick head; aromas of coffee, toasted malt, caramel, spice and banana; medium-bodied and well carbonated, with a velvety texture; toasted malt, dried fruit and spicy notes on the finish.”


“This elegant wheat beer has a lustrous, deep dark-brown appearance in the glass. The first sip reveals a harmonious symphony of carefully selected wheat and barley malts with exquisite Hallertau aroma hops. The taste buds detect hints of caramel, nuts and fresh bread. An unmistakable top-fermenting accent is provided by ERDINGER’s traditional yeast.”

And My 42nd Favorite Blogger … Me:

“As Above … The Perfect Weekend Breakfast Beer … Pairs Well With Camembert & Pears, Or Obatzda – My Lips – And Tummy. Best Enjoyed Responsibly With Company – Now Or Whenever – 100% Pepita-Free. Christmas In A Brown Bottle. Occasionally Available In My Cantina.”

I’ll Be Donning Traditional Tracht … Waxing Back To My Faux Austrian Roots – My Maternal Grandmother Was Born In Austria Of Ukrainian Heritage – Close Enough For Me, Ancestry.

And, Visit Das Schmitt Haus – Hans Jr.‘s Joint Up In Hali (Northern Ontario) – Like I Said I Would, But Haven’t, Yet. He’s Reading This.

Noch ein Bier, bitte! 

Image by Couleur from Pixabay

Picking A Pseudonym


Made-Up Monikers Sound Smuggly – Pretentious-As-Frangipane – Obvious In The Most Unnecessary Way.

“Like Picking Apples. Why Bother When One Juicy Red Nugget Will Eventually Fall From The Tree If You Hang Around Long Enough? Its What Die-Hard, Cracker-Jacked ‘Fruitarians’ Do … Loitering In An Orchard Waiting For Fruit To Drop On Their Melons … When They’re Not Waiting For Seeds To Pop Out Of Their Tightly Closed Pods … And Into Their Wide Open Pie-Holes.”

As A Side Dish, I’m Planning On Going Apple Picking Soon. As In Likely Tomorrow. To A Local Fruit Farm Where One Must (Actually) Pay To Pick Their Own.

Never Mind For Now … Spoiler Alert: It’s Almost Autumn. Harvest Time. I’m A Reducetarian/Flexitarian Damn It. Not A Fruitarian. I Don’t Play By Their Rules.


Unless You’re Enrolled In A Witness Protection Program – Who Isn’t These Days? – Or Forced/Elective Incognito Status. Hates Their Dumb Birth Name? Or, Can’t Remember It …

I Don’t See The Point On Scribbling Under An Assumed Name.

Sure, If You’re J. K. Rowling And Decide To Go Way Off Genre And Write Shitty Adult Erotica … Go At It, Hermoine.

“Wait, J.K. Is A Pen Name?”


What Some Folks Choose To Call Themselves …

“I Didn’t Have A Choice With Kuch – Sure, It’s Cool As Warm Butter Tarts & A Chilled Root Beer In A Frosted Mug – Way-The-Effigy Better Than The What It Was Supposed To Be And Thankfully Wasn’t, If Only Papa Lothario Manned Up And Paid For The Privilege To Name His Son … Yeah, I’m Still Ripping On The Father Who Wasn’t.”

And, Besides, I Look Precisely What A Kuch Should Resemble.




I’m Getting Ahead Of My Self – Two Words – Same Guy.

So, I Made A List. Crossed Out A Bunch. Can’t Decide.

“Wanna Play? Help Me – Help My Self – Choose A Name That Doesn’t Suck. Open For Suggestions. Except Cassandra (Taken). K-Drizzy (Done That). Or, Kyle.”


There’s Meh To My Madness …

I’ve Included A Few ‘No Yo Ditten’ Selections

Goofing On Celebs



Doug Las Velveeta

Vichy S. Soise (The Name Is Ssoise. Vichyssoise.)

Clementine Ste-Augustine IV

Miguel Escobar Patron


Wylie E. Wabbit

Tim Kruise

Free Oprah

Broose Kardashian


Xavier Bertrand Americano

Chino Pantaloons

Milo-Milos Moo-Moo Ma

Buck Barista






Image from Pixabay



Of The Words “Why” And “Not” – It’s A Fact – Brought To You By The Duo Of Obvious & Yuck.

Who Says ‘Whyn’t’ And Gets Away With It?”

It’s Like Daren’t – Another Nefarious Dweebescent-Dinkish-Doofussy Word I Can Do Without – I Do Not (*) Trust Most Contractions. No, I Don’t (*).

Except “Loven’t?”

Now. There’s A Pretty Word Poorly Disguised As A Rhetorical Question, Isn’t It?

With An Obvious Answer. Yesn’t!

Image by aliceabc0 from Pixabay

Want to Get the Ultimate Handwritten Set of Thank You Notes? — Borden’s Blather

Then you’ve come to the right place. I first wrote about the wonderful non-profit organization, DonorsChoose, over five years ago. In fact, it is one of the posts that were part of my initial foray into blogging through a 30-day challenge. Here is a bit of an excerpt from that post: Imagine making a donation […]

Want to Get the Ultimate Handwritten Set of Thank You Notes? — Borden’s Blather

Elephant Farts & Ass Mints


I Don’t Know What’s Up With Me?

Or Why The Elephant-In-The-Room Keeps Giving Me Sleepy Side Eye As If I Nibbled On His Bowl Of Hot Porridge While It Cooled And He Snoozes Like A 6-Ton Breathable Brick.

Damn Those Gassy Pachyderms Dropping Stink Bombs – Floating Air Biscuits – When They Nap.

I’d Like To Blame My Shooting Literary Blanks – Blanking Out – On The Weather. The Pandemic Deserves Its Share Of The Discredit, Too. The Truth – My Beautiful Truth – Is … I’ve Never Been In A Better Place In My Life.


Happy, Purposeful, Content Little Creature Roaming My Patch Of Earthly Paradise – Loitering, Really – At The Precise Cross Hairs Of Jim & Dandy. Happy & Shiny. Meh-Less & Fabby Tastic. Living In The Darling Zone.

“… The Gooberish Alternative Reality Though Is That This ‘Writing Thing’ Just Isn’t Happening The Way It Once Did. ‘Its Not Serious, It’ll Pass, Mick’ Is The Convenient Lie I Keep Perpetuating.

Much Akin To The Time I Denied The 4-Year Stretch Of Writer’s Block I Nursed Through Way, Way Back … Before It Passed And Words Fell The Hell Out Of Me.

The Second Hyperbolic Thesis Is I’m More Fluid And Proficient As A Writer When I Scribble From A Point Of Pain, Not Joy.”


Make Peace With Dubya Pea’s Newish Block(Head) Editor – Used Here Under Duress/Protest Because Of The Unnecessariness Futility Of It – That Would Help Plead My Case Of Simple Works Best / Don’t Try To Fix Shit That Isn’t Shit By Killjoying What Was Once A Pleasure.

Also, I Shouldn’t Talk To Imaginary Elephants. What This Magnificent Lump Of Love Laid Out At My Feet Keeps Telling Me. No Matter How Many Peanuts He Bribes Me With

And Trying To Plunge A Jumbo-Size Ass Mint Up His Posterior Orifice?

C’mon Now.

Image By Pixabay

Sweddah Rosso


Until I Read … Heard About … Possibly Added To … An Urban Myth That More Plumbers Drive Ferrari’s Than Lawyers.  Makes Sense To Everyone Except Attorneys.  Because Nothing Goes Better With Butt Cleavage Than Corso Rosso The Iconic Ferrari Racing Red — The Only Color Of The Famed Italian Marque Its Fickle Fanboy Tifosi Wear. Continue reading “Sweddah Rosso”

“Inspiring Your Best Self”



Emma Ortega Negrete’s Blog – “Inspiring Your Best Self” – Is The Author’s Insatiable Drive To Champion Life … Fighting Through Unimaginable Hardships And Pain … Fortified In God’s Love And Her Deep Devotion To Being One’s Authentic Self … Delivered With All The Subtlety Of KA-BOOM, BITCH! Continue reading ““Inspiring Your Best Self””

“Writer Of Words, Etc.”



Claudette Labriola’s Blog – “Writer Of Words, Etc.” – Is The Writer’s Satirical Expose Chronicling The Tribulations Of Parenting And Domestic Life For What It Truly Is: Living Hell, Anchored By Morning Coffee Perks And Evening Wine “Calm-The-Fuck-Down” Decompression Sessions … With A Few Sweet-Ass MeanMom™ Rantrums Squeezed In.     Continue reading ““Writer Of Words, Etc.””

What’s The Question?


I’ve Given The Correct Answers Below … 

“Yes, They’re Arbitrary.  Despotic, C’mon Now Don’t Be Like That?  Random Enough.”

Your Turn To Be The Q.

… Shouldn’t Be Hard.  G’Head, Don’t Be Shy.  … Ask The Questions Like No One’s Reading?



“… Because It Felt Good At The Time, That’s Why.”


” … Anyway, I Didn’t Know The Guy Was A Real Cop.”


” … True.”


” … Because I Thought This Stuff Stayed In Vegas.”


“… I Swear It Looked Ripe To Me.”


Image by Mylene2401 from Pixabay


Awesome Blogger Award


For This Wonderful Accolade And Nomination … 

Sovely Is The Creative Soul Of MurmelMeister.

“A Blog So Passionately Crafted To Reward The Reader With Blossoms Of Love, Music, Poetry, Soul Food … Infused With An Unfettered Awakening And Celebration Of The True Human Spirit.”

So, There’s A Sunshine, Liebster, Special, Barnabas (In-Waiting), And Now, An Awesome Blogger Award Nomination To Crowd My Virtual Mantel Of Blogging Bling.  Grazie, Darlings.


“This is an award for the Absolutely Wonderful Writers all across the blogging world.  They have beautiful blogs, are kind and lovely, and always find a way to add happiness and laughter to the lives of their readers.  That is what truly defines an awesome blogger.”

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Tag the post with #awesomebloggeraward.
  3. Answer the questions you were asked.
  4. Nominate at least 5 bloggers and inform them of their nomination.
  5. Give them 10 new questions to answer.

When are you happiest?  The time I spend with my two sons, Uno e Dewey.  Writing.  Praying.  Supporting the Daily Bread Food Bank.  

Do you prefer happiness or challenging situations?  I’m almost always in a happy mood, frequently bordering on natural euphoria – must be the sweet pheromones jacked up inside – except for moments of other normal emotions that get in the way of permanence.  Happiness is fleeting, finicky, and unfulfilling beyond a momentary flight of self-satisfying random occurences, which isn’t sustainable.  I don’t pursue, or often think about, happiness.  It simply exists for me.  I don’t miss it if it’s slumbering or absent.  It always comes back when it needs a heart to hug and a mind to play with … Happiness may be something as innocuous as ice cream melting.  Laughing after crying.  Playing with my dog.  A warm or cool breeze.  Challenging situations appeal when there is a drive to attain a desired goal, result or achievement.  I strive for Purpose, Truth In Self, Wisdom Beyond Knowledge, Potentiality Of Love and Personal Betterment … omnipresent challenges, never-ending.  

What is the best thing happening to you past week?  Forging through an extended period of creative voids and abstinence to allow a story to permeate within me – honoring the process to nurture rather than forcing unnecessary words for the sake of writing – then hitting a moment of creative bliss where it abundantly spilled onto the pages as though I had discovered a secret passage into an inspirational sanctum.

What is the most useful thing you own?  My Mind.  My Hands.  My Heart.  My Imagination.  My Faith.  My Self.  My Strength.  My Sense Of Humor … Library Card.  Brita Water Filter.  Plumbing.  NH95 Face Mask.

For what in your life do you feel most grateful?  God’s Grace and Forgiveness.  My Mother’s lifetime of unselfishness and sacrifice for her children.  Mio Ragazzi. 

What makes you laugh the most?  My dog.  My sublime idiocy and self-deprecating humor.  Things I say aloud when I’m alone.  Mocking myself.  I’ve always made myself laugh.  I think I’m humorous, though I’m not sure …   

What is something you like to do that other people would probably consider “weird” if they knew?  I often go to see films alone.  I dance when I’m alone to my curated Spotify playlists.  I use purifying facial masks a couple times a year as a devout and practicing Metrosexual Man.  Also, I’ve given myself a deplorable (unspeakable) nickname to keep me humble … because humility is Self Love.  I’ve trimmed my hair twice during the pandemic.   

What was the most thoughtful gift you made?  I was about 7 or 8 years old and I had crafted a paper necktie in school for Father’s Day … Thoughtful, wishful, perhaps back then only because I’ve never met my father.   

What’s the best topping/ice cream combination?  My lips are the topping … over Chocolate Tartufo.

What’s your idea of heaven & hell?  Life on Earth.  It’s the same place.  We’re simultaneously co-habitating in the delusion of Good and Evil, though we’re all too preoccupied with nonsense, ignorance and hoarding 2-ply bleached tree bark to tell the difference … and, even if we could, would we really know what to do about it?

How do you feel about diversity?  For Millennia, Drones Of Social Engineering – Religion, Government, Education, Military, Media – have persecuted courageous individuals and groups merely wanting to be recognized and valued for their inherent differences.  Shame on The Institutional Whores masquerading as Leaders of Humanity.  Future generations will live a truer, authentic existence … until Artificial Intelligence usurps their freedom and liberties, and then the Neo-Persecuted will wax poetic about the Good Old Days when Humans had the right to hate, judge, ridicule, slaughter and enslave one another instead of being censored, cloned, euthanized and de-Humanized by a herd of fuckless robots.  So, be as different, as genuine, as unique, as blessedly purposeful … as singular as God Created you.  

What is your most favorite blog post that did not get enough attention yet?  “In Me Still …” was soul-effacing to write and share publicly.  It’s the closest script to poetry I’ve ever written and recounts a dark childhood trauma … decidedly cryptic, I’m unconvinced it revealed the truth entirely.

What’s your favorite question to ask?  “What’s Your True Purpose in Life?” … “How Can I Help?” … “Didn’t I Pay Last Time?”

What was the meanest thing you’ve ever done?  Lied about the truth.  Killed an insect.  Hurt people emotionally who care about me …

Which jobs would you like to try out, if you had a chance?  Priest (Confessions and Exorcisms only).  Film Director.  Architect (during The Renaissance).  Organic Farmer.  Sign Painter.  Dirty Dancer.  Surfer.  Typography Designer / Font Artist.  Namer Of IKEA Products.  Millennial Whisperer.  Crafter of Artisanal – Small Batch – Kitty Litter.

You’re good at? Short List:  Quick wit.  Making myself laugh.  Telling the truth.  Holding hands.  Chivalry.  Ironing shirts.  Making homemade … Bolognese sauce, Jambalaya, Chilli, Beans & Rice, Kasha, Omelets, Oatmeal, Lasagne, Espresso … Kissing.  Free-style Dancing.  Pinching fat babies.  Flossing the hard to right spots.  Pouring a nice head on a Lager.  Annoying friends.  Getting out of bed.  Foreplay.  Making up new words.  Screwing up grammar.  Using a Corkscrew.  Snorting when I laugh.  Shaking my head.  Cloaking my heart when I’m smitten … Watching movies.  Doodling.  Staring at people in public.  Blinking.  Counting backwards.  Mocking.  Telepathy.  Empathy.  Crying in church.  Day Dreaming.  Shadow Puppets.  Modesty/Immodesty.  Being an asshole when I’m cranky.  Drinking from a glass.  Throwing snowballs.  Losing focus when I’m bored.  Pretending to listen.  Asking questions when I already know the answer.  Falling asleep.  Not caring/Over caring.  Answering questions when I don’t know the answers … Writing cryptic, random nonsense, then tapping publish on my blog.

  1. What’s wrong with you?
  2. Do you prefer pie or cake?
  3. Can you be trusted with a lie?
  4. What’s your favorite swear word?
  5. Are you better at kissing or writing?
  6. Have you ever mistaken Lust for Love?
  7. When was the last time you slow danced?
  8. Is there something you’d like to tell the world?
  9. Who would win in a fight: Godzilla or Hello Kitty?
  10. What musical instrument do you look like the most?
  11. What’s your first impression when you look in a mirror?
  12. Have you ever worn underwear from a person of the opposite sex?
  13. Finish this sentence anyway you like: “Bartholomew, I don’t know any damned Bartholomew …”
  14. Do you think Ecru deserves to be a distinct color, or should it just go back to a being a miserable shade of boring-ass Beige and lose its uppity-as-fuck attitude just because it’s friends with Taupe?

Truly Awesome Are My 5 Chosen Nominees Of Impossibly Gifted Writers And Bloggers I Follow Regularly:

Image by Canva

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(Repost) by Sovely Matters from MurmelMeister


“Human beings have the ability to adapt.  We are curious.  We investigate, are driven to understand and learn.  We wanna influence, create and develop.  A life on pause – impossible. In case there are situations that are difficult to deal with, we are looking for a solution.  If we can’t find one, we are searching for a different way out. Sometimes we ask for help.  The life we are living is relying on the assumption, that there always is tomorrow and we will make it there.  Maybe it is the limit of life time, that makes life interesting and enjoyable.  How would life be like, if this limit would not exist?”

Read Full Post via NEXT || NEXT

Photo by Sovely Matters

Liebster Award Nomination


You Know-ish Me … I Said Awhile Back I Was Retiring From Blogging Award Noms.  I Have.  Nothing’s Changed.  Until I Get Another One.  This Is It.

So, Here I Am Humbled By The Liebster Award Nomination – And, A Couple Others I’ve Placed On Chill For The Moment – Mumbling On …

My Sincerest Thank You And Appreciation To Christina Kyranis For The Nomination.  Check Out Christina Kyranis Relationship Coach at  Here’s A Sampling Of Her Awesomeness In Writing:

“… Sharing can be a powerful healing tool. Once we can share our feelings we can begin to make room for change. Rather than feeling controlled by our circumstances and negative emotions, we can take back our power and begin to see that we posses the ability to improve.”

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you, and provide a link to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions given to you.
  • Share 11 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 5-11 other bloggers.
  • Ask your nominees 11 questions.
  • Notify your nominees once you have uploaded your post


  1. What is your greatest life lesson so far? It’s simple and juvenile … Don’t ever play with matches. Actually, small pumpkins carved into Jack O’Lanterns with a burning candle. I did once and burned the underside of a mattress when I was about 8 or 9. Also, never distrust God. I’ve done it. Didn’t end well for me. Woman’s Scorn. Avoid that at all costs.
  2. What is your favorite pass time? Writing, foremost. Also, I dance quite a bit by myself, too. I enjoy cooking – the entire process, from planning, shopping, preparing … to serving, eating, enjoying … cleaning up. All of it.
  3. What has been your greatest challenge in the past month? 1) Lip-synching Bohemian Rhapsody underwater in my bathtub. I got as far as bubbles. 2) Darting Covidiots while shopping for groceries. 3) Writing anything that I wanted to keep and publish.
  4. What is your ideal romantic relationship look like? An idyllic balance of shared conversation, laughter always, trust in everything, willingness to explore any possibility of the moment and beyond … learning from each other … and fun stuff together: cooking, traveling, sexy time and play dates together. I identify as a Sapiosexual, so intellect rates high on desirability in a prospective romantic partner.
  5. Share one thing you’ve never shared before about yourself. I’ve never donated blood. I’ve always had an aversion to needles, but slowly over the past couple years, I’ve warmed to the idea and am committed to giving one day.
  6. What’s your definition of friendship? There’s a small conclave of Good Men that I have been friends – Brothers – with since high school and college. Our bonds, kinship and comradery are unbreakable.  Far deeper than trust, honor and respect. It is unknowable in words.
  7. Which is your best tv series? There have been a few over the years: The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, This Old House.
  8. What’s your favorite food to eat? 1) A bowl of warm oatmeal prepared with fresh berries, pepitas, chia seeds, ground flax, hemp hearts and Greek yoghurt. 2) Pasta (any style) 3) Fruit
  9. Chocolate or vanilla? Together, in a soft swirl cone.  I believe in Harmony.  Flavors blended.
  10. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? A balance of both; in certain groups, especially amongst old friends, family, and in social events, I tend to be more of an extrovert. Privately, or with new or unfamiliar company, I may lean toward introvert. I’m happy alone. Content in public.
  11. What are you most afraid of? Sudden death or dying alone in my sleep. I want to see it. Know it. Not be cheated out of it. I think it’s only fair. And, talk to God in my last moments.


  1. According to, my Spit-Test DNA suggests I’m a Mixed Bag of Tricks: primarily Italian, Polish and Ukrainian, but with enough variety – Scandinavian, French, North African, Iberian, Middle Eastern to claim World Citizen Status.
  2. I’m a Pacifist.  
  3. I’m a Sapiosexual.
  4. I’m a Flexitarian/Reducetarian.
  5. I’m a Hypo-Christian.
  6. I’m Happy.
  7. I’ve Discovered My True Purpose In Life
  8. I’ve Never Acted My Age.
  9. I’m presently in between Dilemmas and Conundrums.
  10. I love Linen.
  11. I like Cats and Dogs equally, but not always in that order.


  1. Borden’s Blather
  2. Endlesss Rivers
  3. GlitzyRitzyMommy
  4. JustPene
  5. LaShawn Uchenna Ani
  6. Letitgocoach
  7. Grateful Hearts


  1. If you were a shape, would you rather be a square, triangle, or circle?
  2. If you could change your first name, what would you call yourself?
  3. What does the world need: more love or less hate?
  4. Have you ever been mistaken for someone else?
  5. What’s your favorite Car Karaoke song to sing?
  6. Name one habit you would like to quit.
  7. How do you like your apples?
  8. What’s missing in your life?
  9. Favorite toy as a child?
  10. Salty or sweet tooth?
  11. Burial or cremation?